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Cassady Schiller Wealth Management takes a holistic planning approach
when working with clients. We help clients to identify planning issues and provide solutions that build confidence. By offering independent, unbiased recommendations, and collaborating with our clients’ outside advisors, we have become our clients’ trusted advisor.

Our service offering includes:

  • Goals-based financial planning
  • Coordinated tax planning
  • Institutional class investment solutions
  • Multi-generational family planning


A significant factor in selecting an investment advisor is finding an investment strategy that is right for you. Our investment approach is derived from rigorous, ongoing academic research by Nobel Prize winning economists. Using an evidence-based investment philosophy, we help you implement a disciplined, long-term investment strategy.


Due to our affiliation with Cassady Schiller CPAs & Advisors, we can access top-notch tax and other accounting solutions. This allows us to analyze and recommend creative solutions designed to minimize our clients’ tax burden.


At Cassady Schiller Wealth Management, we focus not only on your current financial planning, but we are also keenly aware of the need for multi-generational planning. We will work with you and your outside advisors to ensure your estate and insurance needs are well positioned.


Cassady Schiller Wealth Management believes in a team-based approach to solving problems for our clients. We encourage coordination with our clients’ outside advisors to ensure optimal solutions are identified and implemented.

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Through our comprehensive approach, we help you develop and implement a disciplined, goals-based strategy to help you and your family achieve your goals.