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Sarah Dmytryk



With a holistic approach, Sarah helps clients consider the tax ramifications of their wealth transition needs while placing high value on the non-financial aspects of wealth transition.

Sarah Dmytryk

Sarah has more than15 years of experience in public accounting and focuses on tax planning for high net worth individuals, families, and small businesses. She tailors her approach with clients to their unique situations to successfully transfer wealth to the next generation and charities close to her clients’ hearts. Generation-skipping transfer (GST) tax is a highly technical area in which she specializes.  

Working closely with her clients’ attorneys, Sarah reviews plans and trust documents with an eye on GST issues during trust creation or when a plan needs to be changed, requiring a private settlement agreement or decanting. With a litany of trust acronyms, Sarah cuts through the technical details to help her clients understand how various tools will meet their objectives so that the planning solution is just as unique as her clients are.

Sarah is a graduate of The Ohio State University – BSBA, certified CPA, and CFP®.

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